Aesthetic Education

Debbi provides wonderful art in schools and churches that truly convey their goals and missions. She brings subjects like literature, science, religion and more to life by telling a visual story that speaks to people of all ages. Debbi’s work articulates the saying, ‘If these walls could speak…” – they do!

Visit the Non Profit Gallery to see more of Debbi’s work.

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  1. Apr 15, 2013

    Hi Debbi, I really enjoyed talking with you and your mom at your garage sale the other day. I envy your talent. i don’t think I could draw a cartoon character much less some of the beautiful art you do. Now that i know your name I’ll watch for your art work. I didn’t tell you I have two paintings by Walter McCown, one of our semi famous local artists. I need to get someone to do some touch-up on them. Interested? For the life of me i cannot remember your mom’s name. Please write it down for me.
    Dean Hill

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